A particularly enjoyable time is early autumn during the Apple Weeks at Lake Constance. From September 17th to October 9th, 2022 everything is about the aromatic fruit again.

In the Lake Constance region, around 1.200 fruit growers harvest over 250.000 tons of apples per year on almost 7.500 hectares of cultivation area. There is something for every taste, from sour to sweet, from mildly spicy to tart.

With farm tours, information events, tastings, enjoyable hikes and bike tours, the region shows the diversity of the famous Lake Constance apple.

The culinary delights are not neglected either. The restaurateurs and fruit growers bring the best of the region to the table and serve creative apple dishes as well as whole apple menus. Of course we do too!

You can find more information about the Apple Weeks in the region at www.apfelwochen-bodensee.de