winter at Lake Constance

Not only in summertime, Ueberlingen and the Lake Constance area have a lot to offer:


The Fasnet in Ueberlingen is traditional and has the event calendar at the beginning of the year under control.

Their hot phase reaches the Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet between the „Schmotzigen Dunschtig“, the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and the following „Fasnets-Dienschtig“. The undisputed highlight of the Überlingen Fasnet is the „Haenselejuck„, a special night parade on Saturday. At 7 pm the army of the Haensele, demonically lit by the Bengali fire and accompanied by numerous Guggen musicians, moves down through the medieval Franciscan gate to the central place of the old town. The Haensele is a noble fool, he belongs to the aristocracy of the confederation of four old towns and can be admired only on two carnival days of the year by the public. A Haensele does not jump, he „itches“ down the slope and thrilles the audience with his bustle.

In addition to the Haensele, the „Alte Wieber“ and the „Ueberlingen Lions“ belong to the Fasnet of the formerly free imperial city. Women are among these costumes, while Haensele-Haes is reserved for Ueberlingen men only. You can admire the whole variety of the Ueberlingen Fasnet during the big parade on „Fasnets-Sunntig“. If you like, you can wrap yourself in a white nightshirt with a sleepy hat while the „Hemdglonker“ parade on the „Fasnets-Mentig“ evening through the beautiful Ueberlingen old town streets.

Further tipps for a trip to the wintry Bodensee

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